Foil stamping and embossing

For Luxury Packaging, Security and Labels, Gietz designs and manufactures in Switzerland a full range of flatbed hot foil stamping or embossing presses for foil stamping, embossed foil stamping, embossing or hologram application.

Foil Stamping Press FSA 870 and FSA 870 ESS The benchmark for wine labels or luxury labels.
Foil Stamping Press FOIL COMMANDER 1060 Maximum productivity, flexibility and quality for Luxury Packaging, Print Finishing and Security Printing.
ROFO 450
ROFO 540
Webfed Hot foil stamping and Embossing for labels or packaging in width 450 or 540 mm. 130 tons, up to 25 000 imp./h, maximized surface 430 x 610mm
ROFO 910 Plus
ROFO 1020
Webfed Hot foil stamping and Embossing for packaging in width 910 or 1020mm.
Foil Commander FSA 1060
FSA 870
ROFO 450

The world’s best-selling die positioning system. To reduce setup times and increase the productivity of flatbed or cylinder foil stamping presses or die cutting presses (embossing on cutting dies).

DIE CO-ORDINATOR SMED = Off press precise positioning of the dies and tools of your hot foil stamping and cutting presses. To reduce the setup time and waste of your presses and optimize their productivity.